Skaledo – Improving Agro Processors work, output and efficiency

What was initially arranged as a specialized delivery Scaledo evolved into a fully functional product that we absolutely love, and it is now assisting agricultural manufacturers in automating their production and work procedures within their factories. Beginning with worker management, financial matters, the working environment, product scanning, product weighting, and a great deal of other necessary processes. R reducing expenses while simultaneously boosting production and improving employees’ abilities to perform in their work.

The system is integrated with the physical scales that are located within their working environments, and it automatically sends data to our web application. We have developed a Windows Microservice so that we can receive data from their scales, process that data, and then send it in the appropriate format to our web application. Because of this, these companies were able to gain access to new data, such as the processing speed, the best working hours, the best workers and groups, and a great deal of other data that would assist them in making decisions that were more efficient. We also automate, using this data, every worker’s pay, and we greatly simplify the process of payments and the finance department.